Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, since it opens the possibility to carry out exclusive activities of that season, such as playing in the snow, practicing winter sports, contemplating the beautiful landscape in a forest and, of course, looking great.

The main function of winter clothing is to keep our body temperature stable in spite of the cold environment. Anyone would think that in winter you should wear thick clothing to keep warm; however, it is advisable to use layers of clothing, for example, you can wear a wool sweater on your shirt, and on top of this, you can wear a special jacket for freezing temperatures. That way, when you feel warm, you can remove one of the layers of clothing you wear.

The purpose of winter clothing is not to make you sweat when you wear it, because sweat is one of the elements that takes away heat from your body. The body temperature should be maintained between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius, but when it exceeds 37 °C, the body emits sweat to cool the muscles and self-regulate. If you're in winter, sweat will make you feel cold, so it's best to avoid it.

Choosing a good material and the right fabric are the main keys to enjoy winter without the cold taking over you, so in this article I will show you the clothes that should not be missing in your wardrobe in this season. Let's get started.

Slippers socks

During the winter, it is very important to keep your feet warm, because once the cold takes hold of them, it invades you all over your body. Warming your toes is even more difficult than warming your hands, because you can rub your hands to generate heat through friction, but you can't rub your feet. So the best way to keep your feet warm is to wear slippers socks.

If you're at home and won't get out of it, slippers socks are the perfect choice for keeping your feet comfortable and warm, thanks to their microfiber lining; they're also very safe because they have non-slip material on the sole, not to mention the variety of designs available. You'll just love them!


During the winter, clothing accessories are great allies to protect us from the cold, and one of the most appreciated is the hat.

The head, like the hands and feet, loses heat quickly because it is away from the trunk of our body, and due to its volume, the loss of body temperature generated when exposed is very sensitive and important. To avoid this, it is best to wear a hat.

If you are one of those people who don't like these garments, it's probably because you haven't found the right style for you. Fortunately, at present we can choose between different styles and colors of hats, you can find them with or without pompom, in wool or synthetic leather, with different fabric and lining ... in short, the hat is a garment that should not miss if you want to stay protected from the cold.


Hands are the part of the body that varies its temperature constantly, so in winter I recommend that you use two pairs of gloves: some thin and, on those, some thick. When you need to manipulate a touch screen device or when driving your vehicle, you can remove the thick gloves, as they are not very functional for manipulating small objects due to lack of touch.

As uncomfortable as thick gloves may seem to you, I recommend using them when you expose yourself to snow, as they have a waterproof membrane and a thermal lining that will help protect your hands from low temperatures.


During the winter, remember to stay warm, with appropriate clothing, and especially protect your limbs, thus avoiding symptoms of frostbite. If you still don't have your winter socks and hats, I invite you to visit the best online winter clothing store: Bnco Apparel.

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Live the winter with a great style!
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