Sunny Straws Colored Straw Set With Brush

Sunny Straws is a Canadian company who's mission is to give fun, high-quality, reusable and sustainable options for single-use plastic straws!

This Sunny Straws Colored Straw Set is the perfect ecofriendly set to have at home or offer as a gift!  It comes with 4 fun colored stainless steel straws and a cotton brush to make it extra sustainable.  Say goodbye to plastic with this adorably chic set!

This set includes:

  • 4 different colored straws ( blue, purple, rainbow and rose gold )
  • 1 cotton brush
  • Width Diameter is 0.25 inch (6mm), perfect for beverages like water, cocktails, coffee, juices and well-blended smoothies
  • MISSION - Sunny Straws is committed to being kind to the planet one sip at a time by reducing the use of single use plastics and replacing them with durable and reusable alternatives.
  • Sunny Straws are 100% Eco friendly, BPA free, sustainable, animal cruelty free and reusable - No fluff, no harmful chemicals, no residual flavours. The company is passionate about leading a mindful & healthy life, free from toxins. Sunny Straws are made with 100% high quality stainless steel.
  • CAUTION: Adult supervision is required when used by children under 12 years old. Caution while sipping very hot drinks as the metal carries heat under very hot temperatures.
  • $7.00
  • $12.00