Sunny Straws Luxe Ecofriendly Stainless Steel Straw Set

Sunny Straws is a Canadian company who's mission is to give funhigh-qualityreusable and sustainable options for single-use plastic straws!

The Sunny Straws Luxe Straw Set is the perfect accessory for those of us who are on-the-move and striving to live a healthier, more planet-friendly lifestyle!  The gorgeous packaging makes it the ideal gift that also helps our planet by!

This stainless steel straw set has all the accessories you need to sip more sustainably at home or in transit.  Plus the set is fully plastic-free and made with 100% ecofriendly materials!

This set includes:

  • 2 high quality silver straight straws 215 x 8 mm
  • 2 high quality silver bent straws 241 x 6mm
  • 2 cotton brushes: 200 x 6 mm and 200 x 8 mm
  • 1 wooden carry case for easy and hygienic transportation
  • 1 cotton pouch for storage and transportation
  • All of it packaged in a beautiful box set!
  • Great for all types of beverages: The wider straight straws are perfect for all types of drinks especially smoothies, iced coffees and thicker liquids.  The narrower bent straws can be used to sip water, juices or any type of smoother liquids.
  • MISSION - Sunny Straws is committed to being kind to the planet one sip at a time by reducing the use of single use plastics and replacing them with durable and reusable alternatives.
  • Sunny Straws are 100% Eco friendly, BPA free, sustainable, animal cruelty free and reusable - No fluff, no harmful chemicals, no residual flavors. Sunny Straws is passionate about leading a mindful & healthy life, free from toxins. Sunny Straws are made with 100% high quality stainless steel and will last you for years to come.
  • CAUTION: Adult supervision is required when used by children under 12 years old. Caution while sipping very hot drinks as the metal carries heat under very hot temperatures.
  • $12.00
  • $18.00